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Why choose an Aaronmesh fence?

Available in a various specifications, our Aaronmesh fencing range will provide security where you need it most.  AaronMesh fencing is a cost effective solution to security mesh.  We offer 3M, 656, 868, 358 and a pattern mesh, all without the expensive branding.  The specifications and high quality of each mesh are as you would expect from a standard security mesh ensuring your perimeter is safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Aaronmesh Fence Components

There are a number of components that make up an Aaronmesh fence with some different options to choose from.  Aaronmesh is available in many heights up to 5200mm. 

Aaronmesh Post  
Aaronmesh Panel - various options
Aaronmesh Fixing Bracket
Top Caps For Post
Concrete Foundation



 Aaronmesh is available in five types, 3M, 656, 868, 358 & Pattern