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Why choose an Aarontrack fence?

The Aarontrack expanded metal mesh is formed from sheet steel making it a highly durable fencing system with excellent see through visibility.  With anti-tamper fixings as standard, the system is ideally suited for trackside, utility sites and water treatment works.  The Aarontrack system provides excellent protection against climbing and cut-through, and also a robust demarcation to deter against unwanted intrusion and vandalism.

Aarontrack Fence Components

There are a number of components that make up an Aarontrack fence with some different options to choose from.  Aarontrack is available in many standard heights up to 3000mm. 
Heights above the standard range can be achieved using a multi-lift system. 

   Aarontrack Posts Aaronmesh drawing
   Expanded Metal Mesh
   Aarontrack Channel Rail
   Fixing Discs
   Concrete Foundation

Finishes & Fittings

 Finishes drawing


Sizes & Specifications

Size Table

Aarontrack Gates

Standard gates are available or tailor-made to suit your requirements. All gates are supplied with anti-tamper adjustable hinges,pad-lockable drop-bolts, multi-holed to suit site conditions complete with an anti-climb slide latch.