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School Security Fencing

Mesh Systems & Gates

School Fencing and Gates

Schools can often be at risk of vandalism, burglaries and anti-social behaviour, which can leave the building damaged. It is also important that children are protected at all times when they are on the premises, and that they are not able to wander into dangerous areas – this is especially important for younger children in primary schools.

You need to use the right kind of fencing to protect the school property and the people within it. At Aaron Fencing, we have a number of school and education facility fencing options to meet all of your needs. Our mesh systems and gates will be perfect for your school or educational establishment, providing an unobtrusive yet highly secure fencing option. The fencing can be used around play grounds, playing fields and school buildings, or around the entire perimeter of the property.

Fencing is available in various colours, including green to help it blend into the environment and surroundings. There is also the option of adding in access gates, made from the same mesh pattern as the fencing. We can supply you with all the fittings you need in both metal and plastic.

If you would like any more information regarding mesh fencing systems and gates for schools, please do not hesitate to contact us.