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High-Security Palisade Fencing in Kettering


Palisade fencing is perfect for high-security areas where properties need to be protected. When security is the main concern for you, think about installing steel palisades and gates to give the ultimate protection.

If you are looking for sturdy, durable palisade fencing in Kettering, you’ve come to the right place. At Aaron Fencing, we are experienced suppliers of palisade fencing and related security equipment, making us the ideal choice. Customers throughout Northamptonshire choose our fencing because of the quality of our products and the service they receive – we offer installation as well, seeing the process through from beginning to end.

What is palisade fencing?

A palisade fence consists of:

  • Multiple steel palisades with a D or W profile.
  • Two or more horizontal rails to join the palisades together
  • Optional galvanised gates to allow entry if required.

All necessary equipment for palisade construction is available on our website, including:

  • Galvanised palisades
  • PPC palisades
  • Single leaf gates
  • Double leaf gates
  • Fish plates and corner fish plates
  • Bolts and nuts for joining

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to ask. Our team are on hand to help.

Steel Palisade Fencing – Protecting Kettering Properties

Palisade fencing is made from steel for superior strength and protection. It has many benefits for businesses of all kinds, where security is of the utmost importance.

What are the benefits of choosing a palisade fence?

  • Anti-climb design. Fences are incredibly hard to climb, especially with a W section as this has a spike at the top.
  • Visual deterrent. Palisade fences look secure and provide a barrier, reducing the likelihood of people trying to break in.
  • Strength. Our palisades and gates are made of steel, so they will be incredibly strong and durable.
  • Colour variety. Secure fencing can still blend into its surroundings. Choose a colour to suit your premises.
  • Gate options. We have highly secure single and double leaf gates that can be used alongside our fencing.

When you choose a palisade fence from us, you will get:

  • One single place to shop – everything you need is available from us
  • Installation – we install fencing in situ as well as supplying it
  • Expert knowledge – our team are happy to help and advise
  • Good prices – we give individual prices to make sure they are fair and accurate

W Section and D Section Palisades from Aaron Fencing

We offer a range of commercial fencing options to suit all needs, making your property more secure and resistant to break ins.

Who might use palisade fencing?

One of the great benefits of this type of fencing is its versatility. You can choose where you have it installed, and it can be used for a variety of different property types.

Some of the most common places to find palisade fences are:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Other public buildings

That’s not to say their use is limited - you can use palisade fencing wherever there is space, to improve security and offer better peace of mind for property owners.

Find out more about steel palisade fencing in Kettering and get your quote today – Call 01582 665 779, email or fill in our online contact form.