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Why choose an Aaron Wooden Stile?

Aaron Fencing can supply and install a range on wooden stiles which are cost effective and extremely sturdy.  Stiles should be erected on boundaries crossed by rights of way where gaps, gates or kissing gates are not appropriate.  Stiles on public rights of way are the responsibility of the landowner, and must be maintained by the landowner in a safe condition, our stiles are extremely durable and once installed will last for many years.

Stile Components

There are a number of components that make up a standard Wooden Stile, all our stiles can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


 3 Rail & 2 Step Narrow Stile kit components  
A Posts, 75 x 125mm x 1.8m
B Steps, 47 x 150mm x 1.2m
C Rails, 38 x 87mm x 1.2m
D Lower Step Posts x2, 100 x 100mm x 750mm
E Upper Step Posts x2, 100 x 100mm x 1.2m


Additional Styles




Wooden Stiles can be assembled in a number of ways but increasingly two general patterns are preferred - the wide stile and the narrow stile.
The wide stile has a width of 1.2m to 1.8m between stile posts, and is designed to be climbed by swinging the leg over sideways.
The narrow stile has a width of 600-1.2m between the stile posts, and is stepped over without swinging the leg sideways.

Because stiles are required to take the weight of pedestrians it is extremely important to ensure that the supporting posts are set deep into the ground.  It is also important to remember they will be used by people with varied ability and as such steps should not be more than 300mm apart.
If the stile needs to be proof against sheep and lambs, consider how dog owners will get their dogs through the stile. Fitting a dog gate alongside will avert problems from people damaging the fence in order to get their dogs through.

Finishes & Fittings

Aaron Stiles are manufactured using pressure treated softwoods and can be supplied with mortised joints in kit form. A rebated joint, which can be cut and assembled on site, may be more practical for some sites. The joints can be fixed with a coach screw.