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Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gates

We are industry-leading suppliers of gates and fencing systems, with a range of manual and electric cantilever gates available. Our cantilever gates allow passage for vehicles and pedestrians, providing secure and convenient access control as required. All gates that we supply are of the very highest quality, offering a durable and efficient access solution for many years to come.

We supply two types of cantilever gate:

  • Manual cantilever gates. A cost-effective option for manually controlling access.
  • Automatic cantilever gates. Simple automatic access for additional control and security.  

Our cantilever gates use a simple roller mechanism, which makes sure that they open smoothly and continue to do so throughout their lifespan. This is implemented on both the manual and electric gate options, for ease of use and longevity. Both types of cantilever gates are low maintenance and will be easy for you to use and control with minimal upkeep needed.

There is a vast range of opening sizes. Gates start at 3m and go up to 10.5m. There is also the option to add spikes, which line the tops of the gates. While the gates are already robust and secure, this is an additional security measure that will help to deter intruders.

We can offer a supply only service, or we can offer installation as well. We have a highly-trained, in-house specialist team who can provide cost-effective installation services where needed.

We have more than 20 years’ industry experience in the supply and installation of gates. Please take the time to find out more about the cantilever gate systems we offer, and if you have any questions, get in touch with us. We can assist you in specifying the right gate for your requirements as well as providing additional product information. Call 01582 665779 or email