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Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered below please call us on 01582 665 779

What sort of timber do you use in your fencing products?show

At Aaron Fencing we use mainly softwood for strength, weather resistance and good weight bearing ability. We use only high quality softwood timber from sustainable sources. We only select timber that is suitable for purpose and durable, however it must be stressed that wood is a natural product and will include characteristics which are not flaws but part of its beauty, for instance:

KNOTS - Knots are a naturally occurring feature of timber that are present where branches have been cut from the tree before it's peeled and sawn. Knots should be expected on the finished product but we do try to minimise their presence on highly visible parts.

SWELLING AND SHRINKAGE - Timber swells in moist humid conditions and shrinks in dry arid conditions. This effectively changes the volume of the timber and the parts closest to the surface will dry out quicker than the centre. This can cause splitting as the timber dries out in hot weather and in wetter weather these splits may reduce or "heal". These changes in the structure of the timber may also cause it to twist or distort which is, of course, impossible to predict in manufacture but will have no effect on the structural integrity of the finished piece.

RESIN - Resin is a naturally occurring substance in softwoods and as the wood dries it may rise to the surface. If undesirable it can be removed with a cloth soaked in turpentine or left to harden and removed with a scraper.

VARIATION IN COLOUR - No two trees are alike and this means that variations in grain density will cause the wood to be more or less absorbent; this in turn affects the way the preservative is absorbed by the wood which will accordingly be lighter or darker. These colour differences will become less pronounced as the timber is exposed to the weather but a consistent flat colour without variation will never be achieved.

SPOTTING OR MOULDY LOOKING AREAS - Occasionally small green or white spots rise to the surface of pressure treated timber. These are specks of resin that have been dyed by the preservation treatment. They are not detrimental and can usually be cleaned off with a damp cloth.


Are your products pressure treated?show

Our timber products are all pressure treated to provide protection against wood boring insects and all types of rot and do not need painting at installation. As with any timber product it is advisable to treat our products annually to extend its lifespan. It is also advisable to use a gravel board with your panels and to ensure compost heaps and rubbish etc are not leant up against your fence, shed or binstore. When it is time to treat your fence or if you wish to change the colour to blend in with your desired garden scheme, our advice is to always buy the best quality timber treatment, and ensure you read the manufacturers instructions.

What security fencing options do you offer?show

We offer a full range of security options including Palisade, Mesh etc. All our fences and gates are made to the highest specification and are available in various colour options. Our specialised installation teams have installed in some highly sensitive and prestigious sites all over the UK.

Can your gates be automated?show

Yes, we offer a full range of entry systems for all our gates and a specialised team of installers will fit them for you. For more info or advice please call us on 01582 665779

Do your prices include V.A.T?show

For your convenience prices are shown excluding and including VAT at the current rate of 20%. Our delivery charge will be automatically added to your order at the checkout stage.

Do your prices include delivery?show

No, delivery is charged at the checkout. Our standard charge is £45.00. However if you are in hurry for your product please ring us on 01582 665779 and we can advise you of any additional costs for 24 hour or 48 hour deliveries.

Please note some items incur an additional charge if being delivered to an address in London. If you think this applies to you, please contact us to discuss pricing and options.

How can I place an order?show

You can order online by using the links within our website. Our website contains many useful hints & tips on how to work out your requirements, but if you would like any further advice, please contact our sales team:

  • Tel: 01582 665779
  • Email:

How can I pay?show

You can pay easily online by using the checkout. We accept all major credit cards except American Express. We also accept paypal, cash & BACS (online bank transfers). 

Please note we do not accept cheques as a form of payment

How can I see your products before deciding to buy?show

Our business is an online shop so our products are for viewing online. However, if you are local to us we may be able to show you some recent examples of our work and products used upon request.

How do I open an Approved Trading Account?show

To apply for a Trading Account please download our Account Application form from here : Application for Credit Account - Forms should be completed and posted back to our head office: Aaron Fencing
Laurel Tree Barn
Lynn Road
Walpole Highway
PE14 7QX

How will you deliver my order?show

We have several options available. Depending on your location and the size of your order we may use one of our own vehicles and delivery drivers. We may also use a third party courier to try and keep road miles and delivery costs to a minimum.

We can also offer Express deliveries, but please note that there are size restrictions and extra delivery charges involved, so please speak to us about this option first by calling 01582 665779

How long after I place my order can I expect delivery?show

Under normal circumstances, delivery is usually within 3-5 working days of the date of your order. During peak season and over Bank Holiday and weekends, delivery times may be slightly increased. Delivery times can also depend on the products you have chosen, as some of them are made to order and may take time to manufacture, but we can give an estimated delivery time upon request. For all gate orders please allow a minimum of 7-10 working days. Products that are powder coated or made bespoke for a customer may take up to three weeks. If you need your order for a specific date, please feel free to contact us to check on our current lead times.

Do I have to be in when you deliver?show

No small orders can be left without signature. If you are happy for us to leave your goods you do not need to be there to receive the delivery. Simply email us to authorise that you are happy for the goods to be left without signature and that you accept liability for them. Once the goods have been delivered all liabilities will pass to you.

However, if your goods are of a large value or quantity you will need to be present for the delivery.

Can I have my order installed by Aaron Fencing?show

Yes, whether you are a commercial customer,or within the education sector We can provide you with a complete, bespoke service, from new installations to repairs. For more information about our Installation Service please click here, or call us on 01582 665779

Please note we have recently refocused our workng area across the span of our two regional offices in Bedfordshire and Norfolk, please see our main areas of work below.

How much will it cost to have a fence installed?show

Initially we will discuss your project with you to assess the quantity of fencing required, and gain an idea of the size and layout of your site. This will enable us to produce an estimate. If you then decide to go ahead with the installation, we will visit your site, confirm all the details, and produce a final quotation.

Do you come out to my site to measure?show

If we are installing your fence we will visit your site to measure up, agree the finer details with you and prepare a final quotation.

Can you repair my fence?show

Yes, similiarly with installations we undertake repairs to existing fencing at commercial properties, and sites within the education sector. We will be happy to provide a quotation to do this, or to replace old or damaged fences with new fencing. We can also supply temporary fencing if you need to secure an area while awaiting repairs.

How long do your teams take to install a fence?show

Installation times can vary depending on the complexity of the job, the time of year, and the type of fencing we are erecting. For an estimate of our current lead times then please give us a call on 01582 665779.

If I accept your quote for installing my fence, what happens next?show

We ask for a deposit from you at this stage. This deposit normally covers the cost of the materials. We accept cash, BACS (on-line bank transfers) paypal, and most major credit cards (we do not accept cheques as payment). We expect the balance to be paid upon completion of the job.

Can you help me if I wish to do my own Installation?show

For advice on your own install, please give us a call on 01582 665779.