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Palisade Security Gates

Palisade Gates

Upgrade your security today and safeguard your assets with our custom industrial palisade gates!

Ready to increase your industrial security and safeguard your valuable assets? Look no further than our custom industrial palisade gates! Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, our gates provide robust protection while offering visibility and scalability to suit your specific needs.

Palisade gates are paired with palisade fencing to provide access points where needed while maintaining the highest levels of security. Palisade gates and fencing can be used in a variety of environments to offer protection against break ins. The palisade shape means that gates and fence panels are very hard to climb, as there are no easy footholds and the pointed sections at the top offer additional security. Some of the environments where palisade gates may be required to provide access to authorised people include schools, commercial buildings, industrial sites, parks and stadiums.

One of the most beneficial aspects of palisades is their strong construction and durability, making them highly secure as well as weather resistant. They can also withstand vandalism and attempted break ins, remaining in good condition and continuing to provide protection and security. The fences and gates you choose can be up to three metres high to suit your needs and environment. When you choose quality palisade gates, they will be designed to last and you can rely on them for many years to come.

We supply a variety of palisade gates to complement our palisade fencing, including:

  • Galvanised palisade double leaf gates
  • Galvanised palisade single leaf gates
  • PPC palisade single leaf gates
  • PPC palisade double leaf gates

Palisade gates will be manufactured to match your fencing. Choose from single leaf gates for pedestrian access and double leaf gates for vehicle access and higher traffic areas. All gates will come with two posts, pad-lockable sliding latches, as well as drop bolts.

Gates can be custom made in various sizes and colours where required. Please contact us to ask any questions about palisade gates, get a quote or talk to us about bespoke sizes.

Call us on 01582 665779 or email to discuss your requirements for palisade gates.