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Palisade & Mesh Fencing Harpenden

Robust, resilient and reliable palisade & mesh fencing in Harpenden

For commercial and industrial premises, palisade and mesh fencing are two of the most secure, dependable and attractive solutions. Both types provide high levels of protection and deterrence, keeping opportunistic and sophisticated criminals at bay, however, they're also challenging to climb and will last for many years with minimal maintenance required. Here at Aaron Fencing, we provide dependable, cost-effective and tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing palisade & mesh fencing across Harpenden, including Harpenden Common, Southdown Industrial Estate, Rothamsted Estate, Bower Heath, The Folly and Redbourn.

Complete supply and installation solutions for mesh & palisade fencing in Harpenden, Hertfordshire!

Palisade and mesh fencing are two of the most popular types of security fencing on the market, and for a good reason. Both offer a high level of security, durability and aesthetic appeal, but which one is right for your home or business?


Palisade fencing is constructed from steel, or iron pickets spaced close together and set in concrete. The pickets can be pointed or flat-topped, and the fence can be powder-coated for added protection against corrosion. Palisade fences are extremely strong and tricky to climb, making them ideal for deterring intruders.


Mesh fencing is made from welded steel wire woven into a diamond pattern. The fence can be powder-coated for added protection against corrosion, and the mesh is tough to cut through, so it is an ideal solution for perimeter security.

Crime is on the up, so it's crucial to have formidable fencing!

We'd recommend palisade fencing for maximum protection around the clock because it's made of robust galvanised steel and has a 'D' or 'W' profile to guarantee the best possible resistance. A mesh fence, on the other hand, is more cost-effective and flexible, however, it's also ideal for places where visibility is critical. If you're looking for a robust, reliable and attractive solution for your commercial or industrial premises in Harpenden, palisade and mesh fencing are both ideal solutions. If you'd like to learn more or wish to speak to us about your needs, please call us on 01582 665779.

Why choose Aaron Fencing?

For over 20 years, we've met the needs of individuals and businesses across Harpenden. We can also supply and install matching gates and fences to create a professional and consistent look without sacrificing security. Our palisade and mesh fencing in Harpenden is durable, secure and an excellent visual deterrent.

If you're unsure which boundary you require for your premises, please contact our friendly team today, and we can provide expert advice. We understand that each company has unique security requirements, and we're always happy to help and assist. Simply call us on 01582 665779 or email us at today.