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Palisade & Mesh Fencing Luton

Palisade & Mesh Fencing in Luton

Palisade and mesh fencing are two popular options for residential and commercial properties in Luton. Both offer many benefits, but there are some distinct differences between them. At Aaron Fencing, we offer a truly bespoke service, from new installations to repairs and replacements. We have teams of trained fitters with vast experience to ensure a perfect installation with a service that is second to none.

Palisade fencing in Luton - Strong and robust with maximum security

Palisade fencing is made from strong galvanised steel, mesh fencing and gates that are held together with bolts and welding. The overall construction creates a solid and secure barrier with many benefits:

Maximum security – Palisade fencing is incredibly strong and robust, providing a high level of protection for your property.

Deterrence against intruders – The look of palisade fencing is often enough to deter potential intruders without even considering the added security it provides. With no footholds or hand-holds, palisade fencing is tough to climb, making it an effective deterrent against would-be thieves and vandals.

Durability – Palisade fencing is designed to withstand the elements, making it an excellent option for any location. The steel construction of palisade fencing makes it resistant to rusting and corrosion, so you can be sure that your fencing will last for years.

With palisade fencing in Luton, you can protect the public against dangerous areas, secure commercial buildings and industrial sites, and provide extra privacy and security around school premises. Palisade fencing is also available in many different specifications, making it one of the most versatile types of fencing for commercial and industrial properties in Luton and across Bedfordshire.

Mesh fencing in Luton - Versatile and cost-effective with an aesthetic appeal

Mesh fencing is made from galvanised steel mesh, which is welded together to create a secure barrier. Mesh fencing is popular for its aesthetic appeal; it is lightweight, strong and durable. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from school boundaries and retail parks to sports pitches and games areas.

Cost-effective – Mesh fencing is affordable compared to other types of fencing, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Enhanced security – Mesh fencing does not offer the same level of security as palisade fencing, but it is often enough to deter potential intruders. The mesh design also makes climbing difficult and provides a certain degree of privacy without being too intrusive.

Aesthetically pleasing – Compared to other types of fencing, mesh fencing has an attractive aesthetic appeal that can enhance your property. The mesh design also makes it more breathable than palisade fencing, allowing air and natural light to pass through the gaps in the fence for a more pleasant environment.

If you're looking for a secure barrier for your business, Aaron Fencing offers a wide range of palisade and mesh fencing in Luton to suit your needs. Our team are experienced in providing bespoke solutions for commercial and industrial properties so that you can be sure of a professional job at a competitive price. We include fixtures and fittings with every purchase and can provide a full installation service. Get in touch with us today, and we'd be happy to help you with your project.