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School Security Fencing & Gates

Enhance School Safety with Quality Fencing Solutions

Empower School Security Today!

In our commitment to enhancing the safety and security of educational institutions in the UK, we have garnered extensive experience working closely with schools and colleges throughout the year. Our deep understanding of the unique security challenges faced by educational institutions, coupled with our focus on education, professionalism, and tailored security solutions, sets us apart.

As dedicated suppliers of high-quality school fencing solutions, we specialise in securing premises and ensuring protection. We provide a range of options, including mesh and palisade fencing, to address specific security and vandalism protection requirements. Our mission revolves around addressing critical school security challenges:

  • Unauthorised Access: Mitigating intrusions into school premises to safeguard students and staff.
  • Vandalism and Theft: Preventing acts of vandalism and theft to protect property and financial assets.
  • Student Safety: Prioritizing the well-being of students within school grounds.
  • Protection of Valuables: Safeguarding valuable equipment and assets housed within educational institutions.

School Fencing Solutions and Installation Services

We can supply and deliver school fencing, or we can offer a full installation service. We will:

  • Prioritise work with schools during the holidays
  • Work flexibly around the school day and timetable
  • Ensure any installation professionals who visit your premises are DBS checked
  • Work closely with key members of staff to deliver the service you need

Click here some of our previous school fencing installations.

We can deliver school fencing nationwide and offer installation in Bedfordshire, Northampton, Corby, Peterborough and Milton Keynes.

Talk to us about school fencing for your premises and discuss your needs with an expert. Please call 01582 665779, email or send us a message.


Mesh and Palisade Fencing for Schools: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

We are experienced school fencing suppliers, working to your schedule and budget when supplying, installing and repairing fences for your premises.

We understand the requirements of schools and regularly supply fencing for:

  1. School perimeters
  2. Sports facilities and pitches
  3. Playgrounds
  4. Car parks
  5. School, college and nursery premises

Our strong, robust fences and gates are ideal for school environments. We supply:

  • Mesh fencing – this is one of the most popular options for schools. It is ideal for securing school perimeters and can also be used for playgrounds, sports fields and courts. Mesh fencing allows lots of light to penetrate, offering security as well as complementing the appearance of the school site.
  • Palisade fencing – this is ideal security fencing for schools. There are two types of palisade fence: D and W section. D section palisades make the perfect perimeter fencing, while W section palisades offer higher security. They are anti climb and will help prevent break ins and vandalism.

Our fencing solutions come in different colours to ensure there are options for all school sites and they will look welcoming to pupils, parents and teachers.

Why Choose Us for School Fencing in Bedford, Milton Keynes, and the Surrounding Areas?

These are some of the key reasons to choose Aaron Fencing for school fence and gate systems:

  • Expertise in working with schools – see some of our previous school fencing work. Our customer-facing installation professionals are DBS checked and we will work to your timetable, prioritising your order during school holidays if preferred.
  • We hold a Safe Contractor certificate and are CHAS accredited. We will check all installations on school sites thoroughly to ensure safety.
  • Aaron Fencing has been in business for more than 20 years, offering services to schools from the beginning. We’re experienced suppliers of quality school fencing.
  • We offer fencing delivery, installation and repair services to suit the needs of all educational establishments, from secondary schools and colleges to primary schools, preschools and nurseries.
  • We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. From providing an emergency callout service, to selecting the highest quality components and materials, we make sure we can always meet your needs.

Talk to us about school fencing. Call 01582 665 779, email or send us a message