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Anti Climb Fence

Anti Climb Solutions

There are many different ways you can reinforce external fences, helping to protect your property from vandalism or break ins by making it harder to gain entry. This is especially important for commercial properties, where expensive equipment and company assets may be held in the property and a break in could have serious consequences.

The anti-climb market has a wide range of products to help you in your task of improving security. As well as making it harder for intruders to gain access, anti-climb technology also acts as a deterrent, providing a visual warning to anybody who might otherwise be tempted to enter your property illegally.

These are some of the top anti-climb measures that you can use for your property:

  • Barbed wire. This can be used on top of a fence to make it harder to climb.
  • Rotating anti-climb systems. Three-point vanes rotate individually to provide an effective barrier.
  • Razor wire. Barbs that run along the top of a fence help to give it more protection. 

There is everything you need available to fit your anti-climb system and make your fencing as climb-proof as possible, including brackets and vanes. Further your impact with signs to alert people to the danger of breaking in.