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Rotating Anti-Climb Systems

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Rotating Anti-Climb Systems

Quick Overview:

This product incorporates pairs of three point vanes assembled around a central fixed axis to present a freely rotating anti-scale obstacle. Used in areas where vandalism or forced entry is a serious threat, the system protects whilst maintaining a uniform, neat appearence. Unlike some traditional methods of anti-climb such as broken glass or wall spikes which can be dangerous man traps, our system is safe, approved by local authorities and maintains a visual, physical and psychological barrier.

Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, the system is lightweight (4kg/Linear Metre), allowing it to be installed in a large range of situations, and highly resistant to corrosion meaning the bright finish will last for the lifetime of the product.

We also offer a range of anti climb accessories. If you are interested and would like to discuss options for Rotating Anti Climb systems and accessories please contact us.

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