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Security Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Enhance Your Industrial Property's Protection

Are You Seeking Robust, High-Quality Security Fencing for Your Industrial or Commercial Property? Look No Further! Our palisade fencing systems are designed to meet your specific needs and offer complete protection against common challenges like unauthorised access, vandalism, and theft. Discover the Ultimate Security Solution!

With a choice of either 'D' or 'W' profile options, our palisade fencing is crafted from durable galvanized steel, ensuring maximum security for your property. We understand the unique security requirements of industrial and commercial businesses, and our palisade fencing is tailored to address these specific challenges effectively.

By choosing our palisade fencing, you're investing in a reliable and robust security solution that safeguards your valuable assets and ensures peace of mind for your business. Trust in the strength and quality of our palisade fencing to protect what matters most to you.

We can also offer you fencing installation and repair services. Please speak to our team if you are interested and we will be happy to provide further details. Alternatively, all fencing will be supplied with the posts, rails and fixings required for you to install it safely yourself.

We offer two main types of palisade fencing: D section and W section:

  • D section palisades are perfect as boundary fences, offering strength and security
  • W section palisades are for higher security areas, with the extra protection offered from break-ins and vandalism

Our Palisade Fence and Gate Systems Are Regularly Used For:

  • Boundary fencing
  • Protecting school premises and playgrounds
  • Securing commercial buildings and their surrounding areas
  • Protecting industrial sites and building sites
  • Protecting the public from dangerous areas, such as railways

Why Our Commercial Palisade Fencing Is The Top Choice!

These are some of the reasons why our customers choose to buy their commercial palisade fencing and gate systems from us:

  • Excellent finishes, including galvanised steel and PPC for added protection
  • Matching gates and fences, so that areas can be made accessible without reducing the security
  • Highly robust and secure, offering excellent security options
  • Simple to install – your fencing will come with all the fittings required and we can provide an installation service if you would prefer
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion – will last for many years when installed correctly
  • Act as an excellent visual deterrent, preventing break ins
  • Expert customer services and a quick, simple ordering process
  • Anti-climb design with no footholds

Select the profile that suits your needs from our wide choice of products, and if you have any questions about our palisade fencing and gates, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team are highly knowledgeable and will be happy to help you.