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Why choose an Aaron Cantilever gate?

A cantilever gate is a counterbalanced sliding gate that does not require a track across the roadway entrance beneath it, the gate is supported from one end on sets of rollers which stops the gate tipping when it opens.  Each guide post is base plated and bolts down to a large concrete foundation.  The slam post is used as a stop which prevents the gate opening too far.  The gate width, in comparison to the opening is normally about 30% wider and this weight allows it to counterbalance.

Cantilever Gate Components

There are a number of components that make up an Aaron Cantilever gate with many options to choose from.  The diagram below is for illustrative purposes only and we can manufacture and install bespoke gates to suit your requirements.

  Guide Posts
  Stop Post
  Runback Track
  Concrete Pad
  Infills (Palisade shown)



Cantilever gates are a popular choice where space limitations mean standard swing gates are not an option.  They are an ideal solution for a high security entrance gate and are available with various infills to match your fencing. 
A Tracked sliding gate relies on even ground for installation and an exposed gate track can often be hampered by debris or snow or damaged by forklift movement.  A Cantilever gate therefore is often a better option than a tracked sliding gate as it can span large widths installed in uneven ground, over block paving and grass and the no-track installation makes it easier for busy entrances that can not be closed whilst a track is set in place.


To complement your fencing, we can supply and install a range of cantilever gates with palisade, railing or mesh infills.  Single & double leaf gates are both available.


Finishes & Fittings

Cantilever gates can be manufactured with a single or double leaf configuration and an
integral wicket gate for pedestrian access can also be provided.  A single leaf gate can typically span widths of up to 10m.  Cantilever gates work equally well as manual gates (which slide smoothly with a minimum of effort) or can have automated systems installed as required.  Aaron Automation options include Intercom systems, push button control, digital keypad, card reader or loop entrance and exit systems all tailored to the need of your business.  The gates can be galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated in an extensive range of RAL colours

Standard RAL colours are:

although other colours are available on request.