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Why choose an Aaron Closeboard fence?

The most widely used timber fencing in the UK, closeboard fencing gives you security, privacy flexibility and value.  This is the strongest and most versatile variety of timber fencing that we produce.  It is completely constructed on site and is therefore perfectly suited to sloping land where the fence can be erected to follow the contours of the ground. Correctly installed and properly maintained, a closeboarded fence should last for a long time.  It is fairly straightforward to erect, and can be tailored to suit your budget.


Closeboard fence Components

There are a number of components that make up a closeboard fence with some different options to choose from.  Just click on the name of each component to go straight to that product within our online shop.

  Morticed Concrete Posts           
   Morticed Timber posts
   Arris Rails
   Feather Edge Boards
   Concrete Gravel Board
   Timber Gravel Board
   Balance Rail and Capping

Morticed Posts

Aaron supply both timber and concrete morticed posts, our timber posts are supplied sawn and treated and our concrete posts contain steel reinforcing rods for strength and durability.
We supply corner posts to join fencing runs at a 90 degree angle.

All our posts are 100mm x 100mm square and are available in the following dimensions:
1.5 metres, 1.8 metres, 2.1 metres, 2.4 metres, 2.7 metres & 3.0 metres (Concrete 3m post is 125mm x 125mm)

Arris Rails

Aaron arris rails are supplied with a shaped end which is then inserted into the morticed posts.  Our arris rails are 75mm thick and come in either 2.4 metre or 3 metre lengths.

Arris Image

Featheredge Boards

These are the boards which are attached to the rails using nails, they overlap with each other to form a solid screen.  All our boards are 22mm at their thickest end, are 100mm wide and are available in the following lengths:

1.05 metres, 1.2 metres, 1.35 metres, 1.5 metres, 1.65 metres, 1.8 metres & 2.1 metres.


Gravel Boards

We supply both timber and concrete gravel boards. We recommend using a gravel board with closeboard fencing as it stops the end grain of the featheredge from coming into contact with the ground.
Our timber gravel boards are 22mm thick, 150mm high and available in the following lengths:

2.4 metres, 3.0 metres & 3.6 metres.

Our concrete gravel boards are 50mm thick, 150mm high and are 2.89 metres long


Balance Rail & Capping

We recommend using a capping as it protects the Featheredge end grain from the weather. The capping only comes in 3m lengths.


Fixtures & Fittings

Aaron fencing can supply all the fixtures and fittings to complete your closeboard fence.  Use the checklist below to ensure you order everything you need.

    Concrete to secure the posts in the ground
    50mm boarding nails to attach feather edge boards
    Correct tools - Tape measure, Spirit level, Hammer
    Metal 2 pin cleat to attach concrete gravel board to posts
    Wooden cleat to attach timber gravel board to posts