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Why choose Aaron Decking

Aaron supply a wide range of decking materials to ensure you get the finish you need.  Our deckboards are extremely high quality and elegant, and have a clever double sided finish giving you the choice of smooth or grooved appearance. Decking is a great choice when creating an outdoor living area for your home. Decking can be used at ground level or as a raised level deck. A raised deck can be used to convert a sloping area of your garden into a usable area ideal for entertaining.

Decking Compmonents

There are a number of components that make up a deck.  Each installation will vary depending on the condition of the ground it will cover.  Below are some of the key components to ensure a solid and secure decked area, the majority of the base area, including joists, noggins and supporting beams and legs are manufactured on site from the standard decking joists.  Just click on the name of each component to go straight to that product within our online shop.

  Deck Board  
  Deck Post
  Intermediate Joists
  Support Beams
  Rim Joists
  Support Legs
  Hand Rail
  Base Rail











Deck Boards

Aaron supply a quality and elegant softwood deck board that has been pressure treated to ensure a longer life.   Our deckboards feature different profiles on each side enabling you to achieve just the look you want. 
All of our deckboard is FSC certified so you can be sure that it has been sustainably sourced.
Our deckboards are available in the dimensions below.  When working out how many boards you will require to complete your installation remember to account for a 3mm to 5mm gap between boards to allow the timber to swell slightly.

Length: 5.7 metres.  Width: 120mm.  Thickness: 33mm.

Deck Joists

Here at Aaron we believe the key to great decking is building a solid foundation.  It is an essential part of ensuring the longevity of your decking. Our deck joists are suitable for constructing a base for a ground level, or a raised deck.  They can be used as standard joists, support beams, rim joists, support legs or cut to create noggins.  We supply a number of depths, widths and lengths to suit the job.

L - 1.8m, W - 100mm, D - 50mm
L - 2.4m, W - 50mm,   D - 50mm
L - 3.6m, W - 100mm, D - 50mm
L - 3.6m, W - 150mm, D - 50mm

Desck Posts

Deck posts are used when a balustrade or deck surround is required.  Combine with handrails, base rails and spindles for an attractive and safe deck surround.  When installing a deck surround remember that deck posts should be installed no further than 1.8m apart.  Here at Aaron we supply two very attractive deck posts - a turned newell post for a really elegant colonial look or a square bullnose post for a more contemporary look.

Length: 1.8 metres.  Width: 90mm.  Thickness: 90mm.


Spindles & Rails

Spindles and rails are used to complete a deck surround ensuring safety and style.  We supply a universal rail that can be used as either a base or hand rail.  We supply either a turned spindle or a square spindle to suit your desired look.

Both of our spindles are 41mm x 41mm x 0.9m high
Our universal rail is 1.8m long x 62mm wide x 30mm thick


Fixtures & Fittings

Aaron fencing can supply all the fixtures, fittings and even tools to complete your decking project.  Use the checklist below to ensure you order everything you need.

    Have you ordered some galvanised decking screws
    Do you require a weed suppressant sheet to avoidweeds  growing through the gaps on your deckboard?
    Do you have the correct tools? Wood saw, spirit level, screwdriver etc.