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Why choose an Aaron Panel Fence?

Panel fencing is extremely popular especially for those on a tighter budget.  They are extremely simple to erect and come in a variety of different styles.  A panel fence provides excellent flexibility and value with the added benefit that individual panels can easily be replaced in the event of damage.  All of our panels can be erected using either timber or concrete posts to suit your desired look. Correctly installed and properly maintained, a panel fence should last for a long time.

Panel Fence Components

There are a number of components that make up a panel fence with some different options to choose from.  Just click on the name of each component to go straight to that product within our online shop.

    Timber Posts  
    Concrete Slotted Post
    Timber Gravel Board
    Concrete Gravel Board     
    Fence Panels
    Panel Clip

Fence Panels

We can supply a range of timber fencing panels to suit the desired look for your home or garden.  All our panels are manufactured to the highest standard and can either be fixed to timber posts or slotted into our concrete posts.

Traditional Fence Panels

We supply three traditional style fence panels, the Closeboard panel, the Aaron Lap Panel and the Hazel Panel.  Both the Closeboard and Aaron Lap are framed all round for strength and finished with a weather capping. 
The Hazel Panel is perfect for those looking for a rustic look.
These panels are available in a number of dimensions:
Aaron Lap & Closeboard: Width - 6ft,
Height - 3ft, 3ft 6inch, 4ft, 4ft 6inch, 5ft, 5ft 6inch, 6ft
Hazel: Width - 1.8m, Height - 1.1m, 2.0m

European Style Panels

Our range of European style fence panels really add a touch of style and elegance to your home or garden.
All of these panels are 1.8m wide by 1.8m high.


Picket Fence Panels

Picket fences, also known as wooden palisade fences, are used when an unobtrusive fencing solution is required. Picket fencing is normally available with a 75mm picket pale at heights up to 1.2m.  We can supply a range of Picket fence panels to suit your requirements.
All our Picket fence panels are 1.8m wide by either 900mm or 1200mm high.


Posts & Fixing

We supply both concrete and timber posts in the following dimensions:

    Softwood posts    
    Softwood posts    
 Height (M)  Height (M)  Height (ft)


Slotted Intermediate concrete posts are designed to have a panel slotted into both sides of the post. They should be concreted at least 2ft into the ground. i.e if you have a 6ft panel (and no gravel board) you will need a 8ft post.

Our panels are designed to be fixed to timber posts or slotted into concrete posts.

Panels slotted into concrete posts
Panels fixed directly to timber post
Panels fixed to timber post using panel clip