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Why choose an Aaron Kissing Gate?

Aaron Kissing gates are designed to be strong, sturdy, secure and aesthetically pleasing. 
Kissing gates are used where public access is required whilst also securing livestock.
Gates on public rights of way are the responsibility of the landowner, and must be maintained by the landowner in a safe condition, our Kissing gates are extremely durable and once installed will last for many years.

Kissing Gate Components

There are a number of components that make up a standard Kissing Gate with a couple of configurations to choose from.  The major components are shown below

Gate Post 125x125mm x 2.1m
Field Gate 1.5m or 1.2m
Posts 125x125mm x 2.1m
Rails 38x87mm x 1.2m



Galvanised steel gates are also available, click here for more details


Suggested Configurations




A kissing gate is designed to swing between two shutting posts, to give access to people but not to stock, particularly when adjacent to a road, as it provides aditional security.

Traditional kissing gates only had a small area between the guard rails, so that stock could not get around the gate even when in its half way position. However, this gap may be too small for walkers with rucksacks, those with disabilities and for mobility vehicle users.

Recent designs have increased the area enclosed by the guard rails, which allows easy passage for all pedestrians, and access for smaller mobility vehicles.

The current standard is that there should be an internal manoeuvring space which would allow a 1m diameter cylinder to pass through the kissing gate with its flat end on the ground.

Finishes & Fittings

Posts are normally dug into the ground and then back filled with soil. 
In the Summer it may be necessary to concrete in the posts as backfilling effectively can be impossible in dried out soil.
All our Kissing gate kits are made from pressure treated softwood.  All nails, screws, coach bolts and gate kits have a galvanised finish for increased durability