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News: Did You Know We Do Acoustic Fencing


Did you know we do acoustic fencing?

We offer solutions for residential, commercial and industrial installations that can reduce noise levels by up to 32 decibels while maintaining an attractive style.

We can supply fencing for almost any requirement or noise problem. Here are some of the examples of acoustic fencing we offer;

Absorptive Acoustic- This fencing system has been designed for areas where you do not want the noise to bounce back to where it has come from. This system can be used around air conditioning units, heat source pumps and where you have large buildings opposite that the sound can bounce off.

Reflective Acoustic- The barrier can offer up to a 28dB reduction in noise, is lightweight and is easy to install

Highway Acoustic- The Premier Acoustic Highway Barrier can be produced to almost any height, it uses galvanized steel I-beam posts for extra support. The thickness of the I-beam is dependent on the postcoded area and the project requirements.

We also offer single and double leaf Acoustic Gates.  Our gates are made from the same high grade acoustic boards as our acoustic fencing. The gates can be made to any size, all gates over 1.2m wide come with galvanized steel posts and internal skeleton frame for extra strength, this ensures they will never twist.

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