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News: Palisade Fencing Vs Other Security Options Making The Right Choice For Your Business


Palisade Fencing vs. Other Security Options: Making the Right Choice for Your business.

Palisade Fencing is a popular preventative security option for sites that need higher levels of protection. As well as being effective, it is also excellent value for money, preventing access with high levels of success. Find out how palisade fencing compares to other security options and see if it could be right for you.

Palisade Fencing vs Alarms and Cameras

Security alarms and cameras are popularly used in commercial and industrial properties to provide an extra layer of protection. These are likely to be installed in addition to first line of defence security options like fencing, and using both together will provide a strong visual deterrent, especially if alarms and CCTV are signposted.

Alarms and CCTV have the added benefit of providing audio and visual information if a security incident does occur. Alarms can show the zones where an attempted break in occurred, CCTV can record images and videos of the event, and there are a number of other security features available as well. One aspect to consider is the management of these security devices. How often do they need to be tested and maintained? Can they be operated remotely? Do you want people to proactively monitor CCTV at all times to allow for a more responsive approach?

All in all, a palisade fence will be lower cost and there will be fewer management and maintenance considerations. Many customers choose to install cameras and alarms in addition to palisade fencing rather than instead of it.

Palisade Fencing vs Physical Security

Another commonly-used option is physical security, which entails having a security guard on site or monitoring the site remotely. This can be another reliable option for preventing crime, as the presence of a security officer is a strong deterrent. It can also be a way of reacting to situations more rapidly, intercepting vandalism, break ins or other incidents before they can happen.

Using a security guard can push the cost of security up and might be prohibitively expensive for some businesses or organisations. One way of making it more cost effective is to have intermittent security patrols rather than a guard who is always on site. Another is to use this method of security in conjunction with others. Strong, secure fencing can be an excellent first line of defence and a security presence could work well in addition.

Palisade Fencing vs Other Types of Fencing

Palisades are designed to be high security options that offer a visual deterrent as well as a physical barrier, including pointed profiles and an anti-climb design. If you are seeking a boundary or perimeter fence, it might be just as beneficial to consider an option like mesh fencing. This is likely to be more cost effective if extra high security is not required. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing if this is a key concern – mesh fencing comes in different colours and finishes, plus the design allows natural light to pass through.

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