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News: Tips For Choosing The Best Security Fencing


Tips for Choosing the Best Security Fencing

Security fencing is one of the best ways to protect a property and the surrounding grounds, car parks and other spaces. Good quality fencing is an investment in security, helping to significantly reduce the risk of break ins, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. When choosing the right fencing, though, how do you pick the best option?

Part of the decision will depend on the property you need to protect: is it commercial or residential? Does it require you to take high-security measures? What do you need your fencing to do? Once you have considered what you need from your fencing, it will be easier to choose the right option for your property. This guide will help you to think about some of the most important factors when choosing security fencing so you can pick the best option for you.

Four Top Tips for Choosing the Best Security Fencing for your Property

We’re experts in security fencing – here are our four top tips for picking out the best option for you.

Consider How Easy Fences Will Be to Climb

All security fencing should provide an active deterrent, so it should not be easy to climb. Mesh fencing is a great security option – it can be purchased in heights of up to 3m.

If you need to take your security fencing to the next level, palisade fencing is an excellent option. With no footholds, it is highly secure, and there are two different types:

  • ‘D’ section palisade fencing – a good option for boundary fencing and medium-risk environments
  • ‘W’ section palisade fencing – high-security fencing with excellent inherent strength, providing maximum security

Ask Yourself the Question: Do Aesthetics Matter in Security Fencing?


Security fencing can still be aesthetically pleasing. If you are concerned about aesthetics for an area such as a school site, an office building, or anywhere else where public perception is important, then mesh fencing is generally a very good option. It’s available in various colours, and won’t look too imposing or block out natural light. Palisade fencing can look more austere, but you can still choose from various powder coated colours if you need high security as well as aesthetic personalisation.

Think About What You Need Your Fencing to Do

Security fencing can provide a variety of benefits depending on what you need. There will be different options for people who require:

  • Very high security fencing
  • Security fencing to act as a deterrent
  • Boundary fencing

Consider your own requirements: schools, for example, may be best served by powder coated mesh fencing. For a high-security environment, palisade fencing will generally be the best option.

Complete a Risk Assessment

This is an important process to understand the potential risks, and a risk assessment should be updated on a regular basis as environments and factors change. A risk assessment will help you to understand what needs to be addressed, so it’s a good first step to take before deciding on security fencing products.

Whatever type of fencing you decide on, it’s important you purchase it from a leading supplier that you know will provide high-quality security solutions. This will ensure you get strong, resilient fencing that is designed to last. We’d be happy to help you choose the right fencing for you – please call 01582 665 779, email or send us a message